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Your Condo Association

Our condo agent specialists work so closely and frequently with association related risks that they are well versed in state law, and the association insurance market, thus enabling them to truly meet their clients' needs in terms of insurance products, pricing, and education.

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Your Restaurant

A restaurant client decided to put on events, such as wine tastings, away from their location. So Insurance Factors shopped for a specific liability policy for this type of event.

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Contractors and Developers

A neighbor island developer had tried to get a bond from a large mainland broker for two months. In frustration they turned to Insurance Factors who not only got the bond in two weeks, but delivered it personally right to the Big Island.

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Professional Firms

When a specialty contractor that films storm drains and sewer lines for obstructions added the cleaning of those lines to their business, we made sure their insurance covered this new activity.

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Visitor Activities

One of our clients was hired to remove some exotic sea creatures from one location in Waikiki. We provided the insurance for this unusual, but very delicate operation.

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Your Retail Store

A retail client started experiencing booming internet sales. With this kind of new business, we suggested coverage against their system being hacked and the resulting ID theft.

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Your Farm

A large agricultural client switched crops recently and the new crop required a whole series of greenhouses which Insurance Factors found needed special coverage.

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An organization that uses a sailing canoe for adult rehab was concerned they would have to stop this key program until Insurance Factors stepped in and provided the proper coverage.

A legacy spanning over 80 years.

Founded in 1931, Insurance Factors is one of Hawaii’s leading commercial insurance agencies. Locally owned and operated, our headquarters are located in downtown Honolulu. Commercial insurance is our specialty and as an independent agency, we have relationships with every domestic insurance company in the State of Hawaii. In order to help us fully meet our clients’ needs, we have developed additional relationships with both national and international insurers to find the best combination of coverage and premiums for our clients. Our 97 percent retention rate illustrates our success in satisfying our client needs. At Insurance Factors, our goal is to provide you with the best level of price and coverage available, backed with superior service.

No need to shop, we do it for you.

Insurance Factors has acquired the skills and knowledge to offer any type of business insurance imaginable over the 80 plus years we've served Hawaii. Our reach is far and wide among every major insurance provider that operates in Hawaii.

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